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SAGTEC GROUP SDN BHD (SAG) is an Information Technology Company, focusing on Software Application and System development. SAG’s latest product, ‘Speed+’ is a Cloud-based POS system, catered to optimize orders and sales for F&B and retail businesses across

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Pasar App

Pasar App’s mission is simple: deliver the freshness of the pasar (wet market) right to your doorstep. With over 80 merchants signed on and just under 14,000 downloads of our app, it’s time to revitalise the business!

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GoApe is an AI-driven delivery platform that provides eco friendly sustainable solutions to the F&B world by using electric bikes, resulting in cost-effective alternatives and reduction of CO2 emission.

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Shaparency is a digital board and shareholder management platform transforming governance at a global scale. Less than 15% of companies globally use any type of board technology and this has been highlighted in a post-COVID world.

Greenpro AI Accounting

Greenpro A.I. Accounting is providing a Revolutionary Accounting Solution to SME, leveraging on A.I. Technology and IBM Cloud to provide a one-stop accounting service that is simple, quick, and cost saving.

MAEKO Sales & Services

MAEKO is a leading food waste management solutions company. It’s mission is to make food waste composting a sustainable solution towards achieving zero food waste and environmental sustainability. Introducing MunchBOT™, the newest addition to MAEKO’s fa

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