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START is a venture builder powered by TBWA, one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2020. We design, build, and grow a portfolio of businesses with brand at the forefront. 

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MAEKO Home Composting

MAEKO is a leading food waste management solutions company. It’s mission is to make food waste composting a sustainable solution towards achieving zero food waste and environmental sustainability.

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uLearnMONEY is the most comprehensive and credible online financial education platform in Malaysia that will guide and teach you to gain personal financial success. Together, let’s elevate our financial literacy with uLearnMONEY!

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iYuho Stock Ai

iYuho is an A.i powered platform that personalises customer experience journey with their very own business and enterprise system that unifies marketing, sales, service commerce and IT seamlessly so that you can monitor your business growth.

Tabigo App

From a traditional reputable travel agency backed by Golden Adventure (GA) since 2010, Tabigo Sdn Bhd is ready to be the next travel aggregator in South East Asia. With Tabigo App, travellers can travel anywhere with hassle free on their experiences!


SonneAire is set to cause a major disruption in the air conditioning industry by being Malaysia’s first to offer Air Conditioning ‘As-a-Service’ via its IOT Platform ‘ChilLah’ (“ChilLah”), and making cooling comfort affordable and sustainable for all.

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