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Orlins Venture Group

Orlins Venture Group (OVG) is a marketing and distribution company for natural skincare and beauty products. Founded in 2016, Orlins has since introduced a range of products that are natural, selected halal-certified and affordable to consumers in Southeast Asia (SEA). Currently, Orlins carries three leading brands in SEA - De Leaf Thanaka, Carebeau and Dentamate; where it has distribution rights for Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

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Shine Beyond Beauty

At Orlins Venture Group (OVG), our mission is to make high quality natural products accessible to everyone.

Orlins Venture Group is a Malaysian company that distributes and retails professional-quality natural cosmetics products for personal use, as well as in aesthetic salons and spas. We focus on the advantages of reliable quality, satisfactory effects and simple usage methods with the philosophy that places importance on the effectiveness and practicality of professional skincare products. We provide opportunities for customers to choose high quality products of skincare.

What We Do

The Challenge

The usage of Chemical-Based Skin and Hair Care Products are increasing exponentially worldwide. These beauty care products available in the market impose various chemicals and synthetic ingredients. In spite of the fact that some chemicals make them effective, they increase the probability of developing into skin allergies, irritations and side effects. As a result, more harm is often done than good. Because of the powerful advertising brainwashing by the manufacturer, customers are unwittingly spent a lot of money with negative results and also damage the skin. Therefore, usage of natural products are minimal.

In spite of the fact that some chemicals make them effective, they increase the probability of developing into skin allergies, irritations and side effects. As a result, more harm is often done than good. Because of the powerful advertising brainwashing by the manufacturer, customers are unwittingly spent a lot of money with negative results and also damage the skin. Therefore, usage of natural products are minimal.

Our Solution

Our team not only provides the customers with safe and effective products, but we also offer a good and affordable price. Our platform is intended to promote better beauty products SAFE & HALAL - the natural way. DE LEAF THANAKA, CAREBEAU & DENTAMATE, skin care & oral care products are safe to use with no side effects and has proven to be effective. Most importantly, the prices are within the affordable range for the mid level consumers market . In summary Orlins Venture promotes better skin care, beauty care & oral care products, the natural way.

Orlins Deleaf

De Leaf Thanaka

Orlins Carebeau


Orlins Dentamate


Orlins makes high quality natural products accessible to all via an aggressive pricing & marketing strategy. Our products are available through a variety of channels - in Retail Stores, Online Marketplaces, Pharmacies and Agents.


Sunway Pharmacy
LuLu Hypermarket

Why Are We Different




Safe and Natural Products

The products we sell are all natural based and safe to use on sensitive skin.




Affordable Pricing

Orlins offers natural based skin and beauty products at an affordable price as compared to competitors.




Trusted and Certified

The products we carry are eco-certified, certified by Ministry of Health and have halal certification.




Strong Marketing Team

Orlins adds value to the brands we carry with our marketing initiatives and efforts across regional markets, both on- and offline.

Our Revenue Model

Orlins Revenue Model

1. Distribution Partners

Orlins is partnering with distribution partners in Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore to serve as the sole distributors for these markets. 

2. Retailers

Orlins distributes products to large retailers in Malaysia, such as Mydin and Lulu Hypermarket, as well as pharmacies like Sunway Pharma and Pernama Stores.

3. Online sales

Orlins sells products directly to consumers through online marketplaces, such as Lazada, 11Street and Alibaba, our large social media following, and through a major home shopping network, Astro GO SHOP.

4. Stockists

Orlins will sell products to stockists under defined agreements for resale to consumers.


Orlins charges an average 60% markup on products and our prices remain highly affordable compared to the same products by our competitors.

Orlins Price Comparison

Our Market Opportunity

Available Market Segment

The ASEAN market for organic cosmetics stood at an overall valuation of US$40 billion in the year 2015. Over the course of the given forecast period of 2016 to 2024, the market is supposed to reach a total valuation on US$66 billion. This growth of the ASEAN market for organic cosmetics is expected to be driven by a strong CAGR of 10.0% over the same period of forecast. The number of reasons driving the overall growth of Asean Natural Cosmetic is the need and awareness from the users on natural skin care products with safe & affordable price.

The total available market in SEA is around 500 million consumers. We seek to penetrate around 3% of the market segment as the region is a huge potential for our products. We will try to penetrate the market via our distributors in SEA and also via social media.

Available Market Segment

Our Strategy

Orlins Strategy

Short term strategy for growth

  • To have more diversity in products to appeal to males as well as females.
  • Expand on to other product ranges

Long term strategy for scalability

Increasing awareness about the possible side effects of synthetic skincare & cosmetics products is projected to be a primary driving factor for the development of the global organic & natural skincare and cosmetics market. Positive approach towards the natural skincare & cosmetics, easy availability of a broad range of natural skincare & cosmetics, and increasing spending power of the people of middle class in ASEAN are some of the other vital.

Our Achievements

Orlins Achievement Timeline

Indicative Usage of Funds

Orlins Use of Funds

Sales and Marketing

Engage in strong marketing efforts across the region through social media and PR

Purchase of New Stock

Purchase additional stock from product manufacturers to market and distribute across SEA

Product Launch

Introduction and expansion of Orlins product range to include makeup and health supplements


Day-to-day business operations for revenue generation

Retail Outlet Expansion

Build more agreements with key retail outlets to sell Orlins products



Investor Exit Strategy

For investors in Orlins Venture Group Sdn Bhd, we intend to commit a 20% dividend payout policy annually; distributed 1 year after profitability. 

The Team

Dr Siva Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Siva Kumar Shanmugam began his career in Hospitality Industry for 10 years before moving onto the corporate and retail industry. Dr Siva now runs Orlins Venture Group, a marketing and retailing company which focuses on natural beauty care products for which now reaches over south east asia. Overall. Dr Siva's career spans over 30 years in corporate and hospitality industry. Dr. Siva is responsible for the day-to-day running and development of the company.

Francis Philip Samuel

Chief Financial Officer

Hailing from the Hospitality and Food and Beverages industry, Francis has 25 years experience involving both in finance and business development.

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