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Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme

Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme aims to draw out and harness the potential of young talents and shape them into exceptional leaders of tomorrow. The programme is designed as such that EVERYONE is involved - from the government, corporations, the school community, parents and the crowd; all combining their efforts to nurture and empower our future generation. Join us and together we can make a difference.


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What's this about


The Story

The Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme was launched in 2010 by Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Khazanah) and Yayasan AMIR, a not-for-profit organisation incorporated by Khazanah. This is part of Khazanah’s mission to further enhance human capital development in creating future leaders, focusing on social equitability along social grids.

The programme intends to improve accessibility of quality education in Malaysian Government schools through a Public-Private Partnership with the Ministry of Education (the MoE).


Programme Objective

Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme aims to provide opportunities for students to flourish and become knowledgeable Malaysians who think critically and creatively, and are equipped with leadership and communication skills. In other words, a student who is a clear thinker, articulate, is academically strong as well as has a strong civic and moral consciousness.


Programme Design

The Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme is designed to transform the entire education system through a paradigm shift with the end goal of maximising student potential, regardless of geographical location or school type by utilising existing resources such as school leaders, teachers, students, and with support from parents and the community


How Schools Are Selected

These criteria are important to achieve the mission of Trust Schools Programme which is to demonstrate sustainable step changes in all types of schools.

What's the Impact

Achievements to-date

To date, the Trust Schools Programme covers 83 trust schools across 10 states, impacting the lives of over 65,000 students.



How the programme is funded

Support from all Malaysians - big and small

Funds raised via this crowdfunding project will be utilised to purchase an equivalent amount of Sukuk Ihsan, of which the principal will be waived, effectively donating the amount to Yayasan AMIR in support of the Trust Schools Programme.

SK Ladang Pendas

How you can make an impact

Join us on this journey and make a difference

A truly effective education involves strong support from not only Khazanah, Yayasan AMIR and Malaysian Corporates, but more importantly, participation from school leaders, teachers, students, parents and the community working together to nurture the potential of our next generation.

Together, we, Malaysians, can make a difference to nourish the potential and realise the dreams of our next generation.

Join us to shape our leaders of tomorrow. Your contribution will not only help build a promising future for students, but also transform the educational landscape into one of excellence.

SK Ladang Pendas

About us

Yayasan AMIR

Yayasan AMIR is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated  2010 to improve accessibility of quality education in Malaysian Government schools through a Public-Private Partnership with the Ministry of Education. Trust Schools are government schools that are jointly managed by Yayasan AMIR and school principals under the umbrella of the MoE. Yayasan AMIR is entrusted to support the schools in embedding sustainable education practices that are monitored by MoE. 

For further information on Yayasan AMIR, please visit


Khazanah Nasional Berhad

Khazanah Nasional Berhad is the strategic investment fund of the Government of Malaysia

Malaysia entrusted to hold and manage the commercial assets of the Government and to undertake strategic investments. Khazanah is involved in various sectors such as power, telecommunications, financial institutions, healthcare, aviation, infrastructure, leisure & tourism, property, creative & media, education, and innovation & technology. Some of the key listed companies in Khazanah’s investment portfolio include Telekom Malaysia Bhd, Tenaga Nasional Bhd, CIMB Group, Axiata Group Bhd, IHH Healthcare Bhd, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd and UEM Sunrise Bhd.

For further information on Khazanah, please visit


Want to know more?

Yayasan AMIR Contact
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Project website 

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How can I contribute ?

Option 1 :

Donations can be done directly through this page by clicking on the DONATION button.


Option 2 : 

Alternatively, donations can also be made by depositing directly to the trustee account through :

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  • Cheque

All cheques (locally issued cheques only) and/or transfers to be made to :

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For Option 2, kindly provide the proof of transfer of the donation in the following online form as we would like to recognize the generous supporters of this campaign. Otherwise, your contribution will be deemed as "anonymous".




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You will receive contributor recognition on Yayasan AMIR’s Facebook page & a set of Khazanah-sleeved colour pencils

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You will receive contributor recognition on Yayasan AMIR’s Facebook page, a set of Khazanah-sleeved colour pencils & a Yayasan AMIR colouring book

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