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Staying connected has never been more important than in current times. The most convenient way to stay connected is via your smartphones, and with that said, your smart phone battery has to be alive. Brezze's mission is to be the biggest power bank sharing ecosystem in Malaysia by placing Brezze stations every 500m for the convenience of the people to stay connected at all times. 

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Brezze Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established in February 2018. We have been entrusted to carry the brand Brezze for Malaysia, which originated in Singapore. Brezze is here to help people stay connected which has never been more important than in current times.

We are here to offer a solution to the never ending pain point of phone batteries running out of power at crucial times and taking away the hassle of carrying around your own power bank.

We are here to jump on the bandwagon of the ever growing sharing economy with power bank sharing ecosystem where people can rent a power bank to stay connected.

Our mission is to be the biggest power bank sharing ecosystem in Malaysia by placing Brezze Stations every 500m for the convenience of the people to stay connected at all times.


What We Do

The Challenge



Our Solution

Instead of looking for a plug point to charge your mobile devices, users can look for Brezze to rent our power banks for a reasonable price. No more carrying, maintaining your own power banks, and never run out of power again.


Step 1


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Step 3


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Why Are We Different



No Deposit


No Upfront Deposits for Users

We are the only power bank rental station in the market that charges users zero deposit. Survey shows 63% of people are not inclined towards paying upfront deposits.



Convenient and Portable Size

Our compact-sized Brezze stations cater to all sizes of premises and allow our partner merchants to place our stations wherever they think is most convenient.

Worldwide Presence


Worldwide Presence

The Brezze brand is getting its name out there with stations present in Singapore, Vietnam, Nigeria, and the USA.



Our Revenue Model

Our Market Opportunity

According to iResearch, the market size of China’s power bank sharing sector recorded almost 100 million yuan in 2017, and is projected to hit 330 million yuan in 2020. An investment carnival in 2017 saw five power bank rental startups attract over 20 investment institutions, together pooling a staggering RMB 300 million (US$ 43 million) in investment in a single month.

Our Strategy

Short Term

  • To build our network of Brezze stations in prime locations in Malaysia
  • To build awareness of the people about our service

Medium Term

  • Expanding to different states in Malaysia
  • Advertising on screen spots, power banks wraps and kiosk wraps

Long Term

  • Data utilisation for various purposes

Indicatcive Usage of Funds

Brezze Use of Funds


Brezze Use of Funds

Purchase of Products 


Brezze Use of Funds

Sales and Marketing


Brezze Use of Funds

Authority Certification


Brezze Use of Funds



The Team

Murali Haripalan


Experienced in working with established regional organizations and start-ups. First-hand understanding of the local culture and experience of doing business in South East Asia. A qualified electrical engineer with an MBA from Strathclyde Business School; with international experience spanning across technical, operations and business development role for engineering companies and regional offices. Passionate about creating more entrepreneurs and Internet of Things.

Kuhan Ganeswaran

Chief Executive Officer

Kuhan Ganeswaran started his corporate career in the engineering industry ranging from heavy equipment to renewable energy. Having been always in the forefront of with customer has taught the art of managing customer expectations without compromising company’s expectations. Project engineer managing renewable energy projects for power plants across Malaysia. Kuhan has always had the entrepreneurial itch to take on a challenge and make it succeed and he is doing exactly that with Brezze Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Stephen Ch'ng


Stephen Chng began his corporate life in the design industry. During that time, he was involved in sales & marketing as well as overseeing a team of designers creating sports apparel and accessories for an international sports brand. More recently, he has successfully developed the business model and implemented the business plan for electricity retailing in Singapore. He was also responsible for achieving the accreditation from Energy Market Authority (EMA) to retail electricity to residential and business consumers for the Open Electricity Market (OEM). He is currently heading the operations for a licensed electricity retailer, providing electricity to Singaporean homes and businesses.

Mark Netto


Mark Netto specialises in working with technology companies of varied sizes. With his background as a mechanical engineer and as an Energy Manger, he is well positioned to analyse technologies and their application in the Asian markets. In his previous role, Mark worked as part of the team that oversaw the SME Energy Efficiency program which is a national level program in Singapore that assists SME’s in reducing their energy consumption by 30%. He has also been instrumental in assisting startups & SME’s, both local & foreign that were part of the SEAS incubator program, the first cleantech incubator/accelerator to grow innovative companies in the cleantech sector which was supported by several government bodies, academic institutions and venture funds.

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