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Our next campaign is 90% ready to come online! Stay tuned for our issuer that’s ready to tackle Malaysia’s affordable housing crisis.

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Stay tuned and stay excited for our upcoming deal. We can’t unveil the details yet - but it’s a big one.

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Coming soon. An Issuer as revolutionary as you are.

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Upcoming Deals

RentWorks Strategy

Property consultants, RentWorks provide solutions that optimize an investor's property performance. Also a turn-key renovation solution that allows investors to start generating rental returns as efficiently as possible.

Far Capital

Leaders in the property development industry that simplify the property ownership process by lowering the risk for purchasers. With over RM1Billion properties booked online in 2020, Far Capital is an issuer that promises exponential growth.


With the success of SAGTec’s fully funded ECF campaign on AtaPlus, Co-Founder Kevin has launched his latest brainchild, GrillBox by SAGfood which aims to dominate the F&B industry with an affordable, convenient, and wholesome kiosk-styled business.

KL Energy

KL Energy is the leading property developer with expertise in various industries, primarily focusing on Engineering, Construction, Maintenance and Development to build a better Malaysia.

The Fortune Cookie

Come back stage, and be part of a glamorous Hollywood feature film being filmed in Malaysia and Singapore, featuring a well known international A list cast, many with large dedicated fan bases from both film and music. And we may even have a part for you!

M&H Global Plantation

Investors now have the chance to prosper whilst combating deforestation through the planting of fast-growing and high quality timber species in demand


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