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Kitamen® is a lifestyle brand for eSports, with a community hub that delivers a platform for all eSports titles under a single roof. With multiple outlets across Klang Valley and spreading throughout Malaysia, Kitamen makes eSports accessible to everyone.

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Kitamen started as a small community place for gamers to gather passionate gamers and eSports enthusiasts to connect with each other. With the tremendous growth in the reception of eSports in Malaysia, Kitamen has ventured into the event ecosystem to position itself as a lifestyle eSports brand and since then, has been working with global brands as a pathway to the elusive gamer community, and acts as a vehicle for brands to connect with an exclusive user segment.

As of today, Kitamen has 17 Licensed eSports Dojo’s nationwide with a growing community of 90,000 members and counting.

eSports is competitive gaming. Competitive gaming and organized tournaments have been around for decades. However, major innovations in the space over the past few years, such as streaming platforms, have enabled the space to see an explosion in viewership and interest. To give some perspective, during one match of the 2017 League of Legends World Championships, views peaked over 106m unique viewers at one time – more than the total number of unique viewers of the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony which was 30m viewers.

And this is just the beginning; Kitamen wants eSports to be mainstream and making it accessible to more than 14,000,000 gamers nationwide.





Ready Gamers in Malaysia


Total Revenue 2016

What We Do

The Challenge

The importance and potential of eSports is greatly underexposed especially with the lack of eSports centres that house the facilities to provide the exposure and education to the industry. Centres that currently exist still promote the negativity stigma of video gaming among parents. It is difficult to consider this a healthy industry when the majority does not know the existence of eSports, and this greatly affects the drive that needed to grow the industry.

Our Solution

Gaming at its best







Gaming industries have evolved tremendously alongside the boom of social media. In order to expose, educate and embrace eSports, the foundation needs to be built first. Kitamen creates a space where all gamers gather, pitch new ideas and create content which can be readily shared and distributed digitally to the world.


Why Are We Different




Complete variety of titles

Access to every esports titles and video games titles, updated monthly.




Unlocking potential

We educate, groom and unlock the grassroots potential talents




Maximum performance

Access to world class Esports-ready hardware’s for maximum performance.





Plethora of gameware

Access to plethora of hardware’s, which comprises from consoles, to PC, equipped with latest tech available in the market.




Community event space

Access to our event space, where community events can be conducted weekly absolutely for free. For the community, by the community.




Unique user ranking

Unique users ranking system synced throughout the nation for the competitive edge.


Our Revenue Model

From Physical, Semi-Physical to Digital

Revenue Model





Epicenter (Flagship eSports Dojo)

Day-to-day revenue from subscription members/walk-in customers with facilities ranging from standard Dojo space, private training rooms, cafes, racing pods and Dojo Rings - each with its own unique features.


Revenue others



eSports Arena (Event Space)

A space to activate any activity related to eSports and casual activities with the approach of embracing digital technology to make events accessible to global audiences at an affordable cost. Aiming to capture the community, corporate, and government sectors to host events.


Dojo Licensing / Franchising

Brand licensing for eSports Dojo under the Kitamen banner. This will enable more technopreneurs to embark on eSports entrepreneurship nationwide while increasing the market share visibility of Kitamen.


Brand Partnerships & Sponsorships

With current partnerships and support form global brands, Kitamen will enlarge the library with new brands and increasing our annual revenue in terms of activation, sponsorship and advertisements through our Kitamen platforms.


eSports Event Management & Consultation

From small to large scale esports, we cater and deliver sports anywhere, anytime, locally and Internationally.



Our Market Opportunity

New generation of gamers will never stop growing




Gamers throughout the country

RM 586.7M

Total game revenues in 2016


Country ranking in the world for eSports
Source: Newzoo

Main target market is the gamers and millennials. Malaysia has 14,000,000 numbers of gamers (passive & active) and all we need is 1% out of that total numbers to start of with.

Gamers, regardless of age, gender and religion, will embark into eSports once its reach its maturity level, harnessing and acquiring them at the grassroots level where Kitamen comes in.

PC/laptop gamers, 42% are female, with women aged between 21-35 accounting for 19% of the group. Almost 40% of Malaysia’s gamers are playing on all three platforms –  console, PC/laptop, and mobile.

Our Strategy


Kitamen Strategy





  • To obtain Franchise License (KPNKK) by 2018 for physical scaling
  • Secure long term deal with at existing and future Endemic Brands
  • 1 Franchised Outlets in Each State by end 2018
  • 100 Licensed Merchandised Produced (Branding)
  • Flagship Dojo in Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, Sarawak Region
  • 1st Digital Content is produced to pilot the digital ecosystem - Esports Series


  • Physical and digital contents expanding Out to SEA Region & Beyond – Priority Bangkok & Jakarta
  • National Scale Programs & Events
  • Key Player in Esports (ASEAN) (Esports in High Growth State)
  • Monetization through via esports digital content distributed globally



Open to acquisition or Joint Venture opportunity with global esports company or entertainment company.


Growing the Ecosystem


Our Achievements

Building Trust and Real Result matters

Kitamen managing to secure trust and preliminary partnership/sponsors with global brands is the measurement tool to benchmark our capability.





Value of happiness served


Jobs created


Licensed Outlets ("DOJO")


Epic community members and counting

RM 500K

Gross revenue from RM2k paid up capital


Indicative Usage of Funds


Kitamen Use of Funds

Branding & Marketing

Signing on influencers and targeting online & offline ads to gain greater brand presence and increase our market share.



Integrated database system for global use, tournaments & online portals towards in line with our values of digitalization.


Working Capital

Expansion to create, enhance and engage talent to achieve the goals set.


Physical Expansion

Opening Kitamen's flagship Dojo - purchasing equipment & assets to start activating the Kitamen Ecosystem.


The Team

Hazman Hassan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Graduated in Architecture, with 5 Years Experience in the Built Environment and project management. He had always believed in visualising the future first to ensure it can be realised Competitive gaming or esports was one of the vision.

Fahmi Fairuz

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Graduated in Events Management, Fahmi, a.k.a. Moshi, is a vivid events organiser that ensures all of our esports tournament are at its best. He believes that that the gamers have given us a mandate to ensure that we deliver the experience that our fans deserve.

Abdul Shakir

Chief Creative Officer

Graduated in Creative Multimedia, with 4 years experience in the field. He is the Playmaker of our creative fleet. He ensures all of our intellectual properties are well presented to our fans and clients.

Chua Ken Jin

Chief Marketing Officer

Graduated in Social Science, with 2 years experience the marketing field. Ken Jin has tons of tricks under his sleeves in ensuring our fandom grows.

Hilman Ehsan

Director of eSports

Graduated in Creative Multimedia, founder of K2 Esports and recently joined us in our Esports Fleet. His main role is to create an esports experience like no other for our fans via our exclusive & premium tournaments, that are highly customized and catered to all types of gamers.

Muhammad Izzat

Chief Development Advisor

Graduated in Engineering Technology (Networking System), and currently spearheading Kitamen in building our network with endemic & non-endemic brands.

James Digby

Global Advisor

James has more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience working with startups and corporations like Samsung, and public organisations such as the Saïd Business School at Oxford University. James Digby is a Founding Partner at the Global Startup Awards, a pan regional startup competition in 25 countries. He also co-founded the award-winning startup incubator Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam.

Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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