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Automoto Glass is the experienced market leader in windscreen repair service in Malaysia, offering a cheaper, quicker, and more convenient solution to auto glass damage.

We offer our customers quality service by highly trained professionals and highly capable employees equipped with the latest technology to perform glass repair. In order to better serve and meet the expectations of clients, Automoto Glass is raising funds to develop a mobile app allowing users to book trained team at anytime and anywhere much like on-demand services for specialised professionals.

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Automotive glass repair is a very detailed process that requires both skill and proper equipment.

Today, windscreen repair is an accepted product, not only in the United States, but within almost every country around the world as insurance companies and consumers understand the cost and product benefits. Automoto Glass focuses on repairs only, continuing to serve the largest number of repairs.

We intend to become the preferred brand that all our customers will call whenever they run into windscreen troubles.

What We Do

The Challenge

Many car owners believe that replacing their windscreen is the only solution to breaks and cracks. In addition to being both cost- and time-inefficient overall, we face a number of other serious problems:

Compromised Quality


Compromised Quality

Replacing your windscreen entails breaking the original factory protective seal and removing any expensive aftermarket tint or shield, compromising both safety and quality.

Glass Waste


Huge amounts of waste

More than 1 million windscreen are replaced annually in Malaysia. The replaced glass is left for dumping and this leads to environmental pollution.

Insurance Fraud


Fraudulent insurance claims

Frauds can be committed by workshops by inflating damages and insisting on replacement of glass that is undamaged or reparable.

Expensive Insurance Coverage


Expensive Coverage

Insurance companies charge a 15% premium to cover the high costs of replacement. As a result, 70% of car owners do not have coverage on their windscreens.


The windscreen repair service industry which has existed for more than 14 years is still not viewed as the first choice for cracks, because the auto glass companies are more interested in replacing rather than repairing windscreens due to higher profit margins. Many auto glass replacement services tend to not focus on repair and do not offer mobile services despite demand from customers. Although some windscreen repairs are performed by independent repairer for auto glass outlets and auto workshops, they often do not have capacity to handle a customers demand and good service of show up on time which often slow to confirm appointment.



Our Solution

Automoto Repair

Low-cost on-call service for windscreen repair

  • Mobile service allows for convenience

  • Repair process only takes about 45 mins

  • Leaves original factory-installed seal in place

  • Leaves only a slight blemish that becomes less noticeable over time

  • Relies more on service than imported parts

  • Saves money and time


Auto glass repair service is a very detailed process that requires both skill and proper equipment.

Automoto Glass is developing a mobile app to meet increasing demand and scale up our organisation, and therefore welcome professional independent repairers to join our group since many of them currently operate without technology system. The technology app with computerised monitoring provides an efficient way for car owners and clients to find a skilled service team on their smartphone. This offers incredible value to customers who need their windscreen fixed right away.

We intend to become the preferred brand that all our customers will call whenever they run into windscreen troubles and strategies create new economic opportunities technology industry.


Before and After

Why Are We Different

Started as a business idea to create it from the ground up and create something different



Highly Experienced

14 years experience and pioneer in windscreen repair


Ecosystem of Partners

Automoto Glass has exclusive partnerships with an ecosystem of players in the windscreen repair industry. 

Mobile Service

Low Cost On-Call

Automoto Glass focuses solely on windscreen repair and provides its customers with on-call service.



Our Revenue Model


Revenue 1


Windshield Repair Service

Our revenue is principally generated from the provision of vehicle glass repairs services.


Revenue 2


Online Advertising

By charging users for the services or information we provide, or by attracting users and selling
advertising to companies that want to reach them.


Revenue 3


Business Partnerships

Offering additional services through a third-party company such as mobile windshield replacement services, auto insurance renewal, e-commerce of automotive products & services 


Our Market Opportunity

The IBIS World market report estimated the Auto Glass Repair Industry to be worth US$ 5 BILLION in 2016. 

Demand for windscreen repair is predicted to grows as this is regarded as a RM100 million industry and as such is a lucrative business. The reason for the growth of this industry is that insurance companies and car owners prefer this to this business services due to the amount of money and time it saves them.

Almost everyone drives an automobile that sometimes need repairs, replacement or has other services done, which leaves them no choice in demanding the services of a windscreen repairer.

Auto Glass Repair Market

Our Strategy

Short Term:

  • Building a great team

  • To launch iOS and Android apps and Web development

  • Enhance mobile service teams

  • Place adverts in local newspapers and on radio and television

  • Customer acquisition

Mid Term:

  • May consider offering additional equity in company or sub-franchising in order to expand business

  • Joint-venture with training provider for building technician workforce

  • Be focusing on partnership agreement with insurances companies

  • It will expand its team limited to 100 only of technicians to support the future growth of its operation in Southeast Asia

  • To implement strategic plan and unique ideas for mobile auto glass replacement

Long Term:

  • Launch e-commerce automotive services & products on platform

  • Aims for an IPO, allows a company to maximise its shareholders value and brand awareness

  • Investment in start-up company on enhancing the value-added business for company to grow

Our Achievements

Automoto Glass Timeline

The history of windscreen repair is filled with entrepreneurs and individuals who overcame great many hurdles to become successful.

Without the great efforts of founder, Raymond Tan, pioneering as training provider, the industry would not have prospered and grown. While a few equipment kits were sold to small group of individuals, not many repairs were being done. He decided to concentrate on working with “repair only” specialists.

It is at GLASS MECHANIC where Mr. Yeoh and Raymond Tan did a good job of introducing the concept of windscreen repair to insurance companies and were responsible for much of the early pioneering work with insurance companies to convince them of the benefit of repairing windscreens.

As BUMI AUTO GLASS, founded by Puan Noorzaleha and Raymond Tan, the pioneer and only windscreen repair training provider in Malaysia began to train and spread, a number of other companies began operations. 

Many of these companies later trained entrepreneurs without mentioning the name of their mentor to promote brand, forming other companies and their own associations. Without the efforts of all these people, windscreen repair would not be where it is today to partner with auto glass outlet and auto workshops.


Indicatcive Usage of Funds

Automoto Glass Use of Funds

The capital raise will be used for the following in 2019:

  • Mobile apps and Web development

  • Equipments & Inventory                    

  • Employee wages

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • General working capital


The Team

Raymond Tan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Raymond has 14 years of hands-on experience in windscreen repair service. He leads our Group in all aspects of its business strategy, policy planning and business development in Automoto Glass. From January 2004 to June 2010, he was a windscreen repairer technician with Glass Mechanic Sdn Bhd. He left to join training provider company, Bumi Auto Glass Enterprise in 2014 as a Chief Training Officer where he was responsible for training & entrepreneurship in auto glass repair, conducting seminars and course modules.

William Tan

Director & Chief Financial Officer

William Tan has played an important role in focus on product development of windscreen repair equipments and management structure for the technician team.

Noorzaleha binti Mohd Said

Training Provider

She is owner of Training Provider, Bumi Auto Glass Enterprise, established in 2009. She has also played an important role in developing and growing a strong stable technical workforce for the benefit of our company. She has also contributed to the company bottom line.

Term Sheet

Risk Disclaimer

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