Neuroware provides solutions and services for distributed ledger technologies, such as the Bitcoin & Ethereum blockchains, offering their clients assistance in the understanding, adoption and implementation of these exciting new technologies. The company has spent the past two years developing Cortex – the world’s first blockchain-agnostic operating system that provides small to medium sized businesses and enterprises with enhanced security and an immutable tamper-proof audit-trail in their data and finance records through annual subscription-based services.


Enabling innovation in decentralisation

From our offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Neuroware is a community backed team of technologists with over 15 years hands on experience building distributed applications and other blockchain based services. We have helped organisations and individuals explore, adopt, and implement distributed ledgers. As the only Malaysian based team to graduate from the illustrious 500 Startups accelerator, and with decades of previous consulting experience, we have established ourselves as the leading technology evangelists in Malaysia, where we develop tools, training, and protocols for businesses that want to benefit from blockchains.

What We Do


Since ancient times, we have used ledgers to record our transactions – from assets, money, property and more. However – ledgers, whether on paper or in their computerised form, can be tampered with. Recent innovations algorithmic technologies such as blockchains have ushered in a new era of ‘distributed ledgers’ which are revolutionizing money transfer, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management – to name but a few.


As middleware service providers, we create customised blockchain experiences through a single unified interface for accessing and managing user accounts and structured data across a multitude of blockchains. We can help integrate our protocols into existing legacy systems, create custom modules that extend the functionality of our protocols, and conceptualise new products and services that utilise our protocols. We do this through Cortex, our proprietary blockchain-agnostic operating system, an integrated development environment that unifies our three base blockchain agnostic protocols – DNKey (Cryptographic Key Management), BlockAuth (Identity & Authentication) and Everstore (Distributed Structured Data Storage) which form the foundation for any distributed applications. Through the use of these services, we help companies revolutionise old processes based on centralised data storage, through distributed ledger technologies, leading to:

  • Fraud & error prevention
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Automated auditing
  • Cryptographically secured
  • Independently verifiable
  • Less vulnerable to malicious attack
  • Easy data sharing between partners
  • Increased transparency of data

Why are we different

We are the only blockchain-agnostic and data source neutral solution providers in the world

Unlike other solution providers out there, our blockchain agnostic protocols are specifically built to enable work on any blockchain. Whilst our data source neutrality means that – unlike other hard-coded services out there – our clients will never be locked into using one particular API provider. Our system gives customers the freedom of choice to choose whatever back-end infrastructural services and protocols suits them best – whether that be powered by a public API or blockchain – or a private chain using an off-the shelf enterprise API. We are the only company that guarantee choice.

Our Revenue Model

Subscription based revenue model supplemented by consultation and installation fees

Cortex has two annually recurring subscription plans. One for small to medium size businesses that Neuroware hosts, costing US$20,000 per annum; and the enterprise on-premise solution, which costs US$200,000 per annum. In addition to this, there is often an installation fee that usually involves some customised modules being created, which has an average cost of anywhere between US$25,000 to US$250,000 – depending on the scope of the project.

Our Market Opportunity

First mover advantage and unique position within the region

Billions have been invested into the distributed ledger landscape, with over a 100 banks and leading financial institutions confirming that they are actively working on blockchain projects this year alone. The next IT revolution is already underway and finance is only its first target. Distributed ledger systems have the potential to transform the underlying data protocols in every industry – from accounting, insurance, legal services and asset management, to healthcare, gaming, logistics and governance. We have spent the past 12 months building relationships with banks and other institutions within Asia as we completed work on Cortex, and are now in conversations with several technology integrators on the provisioning of turn-key products and services. As the only blockchain-agnostic solution providers in South East Asia we are in a unique position to capitalise upon our wealth of experience, and our deep understanding of the regional regulatory infrastructure gives us a competitive advantage, allowing us to respond to market needs with greater speed and efficiency than any competitors based outside of the region.

Our Strategy

Education is the key to opening up new markets

Neuroware have spent two years developing the back-end infrastructure used throughout their products. Along the way, they have been running educational workshops and presenting and organising events throughout the region. Due to being the only blockchain solution providers in Malaysia and having spent time and resources positioning themselves as thought-leaders, they are usually called-in by potential clients throughout the region, rather than having to find their own leads.

With the recent launch of the Blockchain Embassy of Asia, this has only improved.

Our achievements

Established as leaders within the regional blockchain community

  • Only Malaysian company to graduate from the 500 Startups accelerator in Silicon Valley
  • 1st in the world to develop non-financial blockchain agnostic protocols
  • 1st company in Asia providing public blockchain APIs & developer toolkits
  • Helped DBS organize the world’s first bank-backed blockchain hackathon in Singapore
  • Founded by award winning developers, community leaders & technology evangelists

We have an active pipeline with positive reviews

The Team

Award winning developers, community leaders & technology evangelists

Mark Smalley


Mark’s been building distributed applications on the blockchains for over 5 years now from Malaysia, where he’s been developing web- applications for 19 years & helping to organize and present at several prominent technology groups and conferences worldwide. He was also the first qualified MongoDB Master in Asia, where he won an award for his open-source NoSQL Content Management System

Ruben Tan


Ruben is one of Malaysia’s leading NodeJS developers, founding member of the Malaysian JS User-Group, and regular contributor to many open-source projects and communities; having explored distributed consensus technologies and NoSQL data relationships with previous projects such as MyTeksi and OnApp – he has spent a decade mentoring startups and businesses worldwide.



  • Issuer:
    R1 DOT MY Sdn Bhd - a Private Limited Company
  • Type of Investment:
    Ordinary Shares
  • Pre-Money Valuation:
    RM 10,800,000
  • Minimum Offering Size:
    The issuer intends to raise a minimum of RM 1,200,000 in this offering.
  • Maximum Offering Size:
    The issuer intends to raise a maximum of RM 2,000,000 in this offering.
  • Price per Share:
    RM 1 per share.
  • Total Shares Issued in Offering:
    10% of the enlarged capital or 1,200,000 of Ordinary Shares.
  • Bitcoin Investments:
    RM 12 is the minimum Malaysian Ringgit investment. accepted
    BTC 1 is the minimum Bitcoin investment accepted.
  • Type of Shares:
    All shares offered will be Ordinary Shares.
  • Investor Eligibility:
    Retail, Angel, Sophisticated and Institutional Investors, as defined by the Securities Commission Guidelines.
  • Information:
    The issuer will provide additional information upon request.
  • Fund Raising Period:
    The fund raising period will be for 90 days from the date of online listing.
  • Cooling-Off Period:
    There will be a six day cooling off period where the investor may choose to retract the investment. If Bitcoin is being used, the investment amount will be locked-in at the time of the investment.
  • Closing Period:
    The closing period will be 20 working days after the end of the fund raising period.
  • Use of Proceeds:
    The proceeds will be used for working capital, marketing and technology. The proceeds will be transferred to the issuer at the end of the closing date.
  • Subscription Procedure:
    Investors must execute an Investment Agreement with R1 DOT MY Sdn Bhd.
  • Capitalization:

    (at the end of the fund raising period)
    # of Shares % of Enlarged Capital
    Issued & Paid-Up Ordinary Shares 10,800,000 90%
    Ordinary Shares Sold in Offering 1,200,000 10%
    12,000,000 100%

Ask us More

If you have any questions regarding Neuroware please email us at [email protected]

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