A new way for an old tradition

January 27th, 2017 by

Traditions and customs have evolved with technology since the turn of the digital age. However, the real evolution is not the change of format or platform, it is the evolution of these old traditions.

When an orphan armed with an ancient magical sword slew a demon a thousand years ago during the Sung Dynasty in China, he was presented with a red packet (ang pow) filled with money and sparked a millennia of Chinese tradition (and one less demon to worry about). Over the years this tradition morphed into a way for elders to show concern for the younger generation’s future.


A few years ago a shift occurred, in the method of this tradition of giving. WeChat, the popular Chinese messaging app, launched a feature letting its users send virtual ang pows to friends and family. Technologies like this, simplify the act of giving, making it more convenient, accessible and efficient to practice an age old tradition. When it’s that easy to hand out ang pows, is it less genuine that handling out physical red packets? Yes, and, No. Some would still prefer the old way as a more personalised and meaningful way of celebrating Chinese New Year. But others are inclined to stick to the custom yet leverage on a more useful means.

This tradition is now being transformed, yet again. New technologies are encouraging people to abandon this hierarchical mindset and even gamify the whole process. Technology is also removing the emphasis from why ang pow is exchanged; to being all about the exchange or the spirit of giving itself.

This evolution is shaping our economy and the rise of alternative financing models such as crowdfunding is an embodiment of this evolution. “People simply want to give” says Tengku Syamil, Co-Founder & CEO of Skolafund, a platform that facilitates donation crowdfunding for tertiary education scholarships.

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