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Eid: A Personal Perspective

Days before many millions of muslims all around the world will be celebrating Eid ul-Fitr, one of the most significant celebration in the Islamic calendar, I couldn’t help but to ask why is the idiosyncratic concept of giving so prevalent in almost all major celebrations in the world, be it cultural (Chinese New Year or […]


Festive season still ain’t over, and there’s loads to share!

Last week we decided to celebrate Chinese New Year by sending crypto-ang pows to our fans as well as pushing for people to get to know another medium of value that exists exclusively digital; cryptocurrencies. This time with the festive season extending to Thaipusam celebration, we’re offering you a glimpse of the future shaped by […]


Disruptive Blockchains Decrypted: Introducing The Internet of Value

Blockchains 101  How many of you foresaw the advent of the internet age before it became a staple of our daily lives? Chances are, very few of you. Certainly, the average person couldn’t have anticipated just how much the internet would change our lives. Global access to the world wide web  has altered the way we consume information; how we communicate, learn, and conduct business. […]