Aiding Potential, Generating Growth

Festive season still ain’t over, and there’s loads to share!

Last week we decided to celebrate Chinese New Year by sending crypto-ang pows to our fans as well as pushing for people to get to know another medium of value that exists exclusively digital; cryptocurrencies. This time with the festive season extending to Thaipusam celebration, we’re offering you a glimpse of the future shaped by […]


How the oldest watch factory in Switzerland re-invented its shareholder base

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new financing method and DuBois et fils is the oldest watch factory in Switzerland.  This is the story of how a luxury watch brand successfully reinvented itself – redefining its relationship with shareholders, by giving its customers an opportunity to become part of the brand’s story.  When Thomas Steinemann became CEO of  Phillipe […]


Vocalising Your Business

What does it take to give your business a voice that commands the attention of your customers? Firstly, it helps to know the people your business talk to. In most cases, they are not that different than all of us. We live in a hyper-connected world; a world where people are constantly glued to screens […]