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Today, the Ata Plus team polished off three bags of chips and some nasi lemak. We made sure to eat the cucumbers in the nasi lemak, because that’s the most veggie we’ve gotten in awhile. And hey, no judgement – today’s society is mostly employed in jobs that require we sit at a computer for […]


The Mercy Excellence Awards for Social Enterprises are open to submissions!

Are you a Social Enterprise? We know you don’t do it for the glory, but how about some recognition for all that hard work?   
Announcing the Mercy Excellence Awards for Social Enterprises! We believe in supporting and encouraging businesses, corporations, NGOs and cooperatives that have found smart and effective solutions to make the world […]


Introducing our revamped website: V 2.0

Welcome to V2.0 We are pleased to inform you that our revamped website ( is up and running with new features and capabilities aimed at enhancing your experience through increased functionality and easier navigation. Here’s a list of our new features: The New Dashboard A command centre for keeping track of deals and investments Whether you […]