Aiding Potential, Generating Growth

Many hands make light work in the world of equity crowdfunding

  It’s always difficult for a startup to, well, start up. Dreaming, as Blondie once sang, is free – but cold hard cash is a little harder to come by.   The average startup is run by people who are decidedly not average. To pour time, effort and money into a project you believe in […]


How to Channel Philanthropy into Education

Skolafund Creates Greater Access to Education through Crowdfunding A little bit of money can go a long way when the crowd comes together. We find out how Southeast Asia’s first education crowdfunding site Skolafund is constantly improving its platform for the community to help build a better Malaysia through education. A few weeks ago we introduced […]


Education Powered by the Crowd

Education empowers people, but not everyone can afford one.  There are many who understand its true value, however.  And many who would be happy to help others get an education – if they knew how.  In this era of digital, Skolafund have come up with an answer. And it involves the crowd… Education – A Human Right […]