Aiding Potential, Generating Growth

How Average Malaysians can Shape the Economy

The Time is Ripe for Equity Crowdfunding All over the world, equity crowdfunding is being hailed as a game changer for stimulating small and medium-sized business growth. This is how the little guy can make a difference. With wage stagnation, cutbacks in subsidies and declining oil revenue from a global slump in oil prices, sentiment […]


Why invest in PasarTap?

People are one of the most critical factors to consider when investing in an early stage startup.  Check out our interview with Hisham Talib, co-founder and business manager of PasarTap to find out more about the people behind Malaysia’s first online grocery platform to offer door-to-door delivery service of local produce, fresh from the market. […]


A Fresh Approach to getting your food

The Malaysian company that helps you cut out the middleman by bringing the Pasar to you. Your weekly shopping at the supermarket seems like the most logical option when it comes to groceries. Is it though?  PasarTap doesn’t think so. Think about it. The pack of Australian carrots you just picked up off the shelf may have travelled over 4000km from a […]